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Vintage MCM Libbey Atomic Starburst Highball Glasses, Set of 4


Crafted by the wizards of glassware at Libbey during the height of mid-century modern design, these highball glasses are like a sip of pure nostalgia. With turquoise and black atomic starburst patterns and circle pattern details, they're a nod to an era when everything was a little bit more fabulous.

Whether you're shaking up a classic cocktail or enjoying a refreshing iced tea, these glasses bring a touch of retro flair to every sip. So why settle for ordinary drinkware when you can elevate your imbibing experience with our Vintage MCM Libbey Atomic Starburst Highball Glasses?

Grab a set, mix yourself a drink, and let the good times roll. After all, when you've got glasses this cool, every hour is happy hour! Cheers to vintage vibes and timeless style! 🍸

Measurements: 6.5" H, 2.5" Width