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Vintage Murano 1960s Blue Venetian Glass Bowl Ashtray


Elevate your mid century home décor with this exquisite Vintage Murano 1960s Blue Venetian Glass Bowl/Ashtray, a timeless piece that encapsulates the elegance of mid-century craftsmanship. Handcrafted on the famed Venetian island of Murano, renowned for its centuries-old glassmaking tradition, this bowl ashtray showcases the mastery of skilled artisans who used a precise Italian glass-making technique known as “bullicante,”  a pattern of evenly spaced air bubbles in layers of glass. 

Crafted in the 1960s, this piece reflects the artistic sensibilities of the era, characterized by its sleek lines, vibrant hues, and intricate details. The rich blue hue, reminiscent of the azure waters of the Venetian lagoon, adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its smooth, polished surface gleams with iridescence, capturing and refracting light in mesmerizing patterns.

The bowl ashtray's versatile design makes it a striking accent piece for any setting, whether displayed on a coffee table, bookshelf, console, or mantel. Whether used as a functional ashtray or simply as a decorative object, it exudes a sense of refinement and luxury.

With its vintage charm and enduring beauty, this Murano glass bowl ashtray is not just a functional accessory but also a statement of timeless elegance. Add a touch of Venetian allure to your home décor with this exquisite piece of artistry from a bygone era.

Measurements: 5.5 inches width, 5.5 inches length, 2.75 inches height