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Hi, I'm Melissa McGraw

I've been scouring flea markets and vintage/antique shops in New York City and across the globe for over 20 years. During my career in the NYC fashion industry, I fell in love with the thrill of finding items that will add that unique touch to your home or wardrobe.

I love Mid-Century Modern design and am always on the hunt for midcentury pottery, artwork, furniture, home décor items, or just about anything with a bohemian style.

In fact, my (not so secret) superpower is having a great eye for picking out cool vintage mid-century items that you never thought about looking at before. 👀

By creating this beautiful business and e-shop I've been able to combine my love for midcentury home decor and furniture, interior design, and my passion for lowering my environmental impact!

I believe that every vintage item has its unique story

My goal is to educate the fabulous people of this world about why repurposing vintage items is a GOOD thing. I want to show you that vintage doesn't mean dirty or gross. That's right, you can style your home using vintage furniture or decor without making it look like your grandma's house. 🛋️

Plus, vintage items give you a a perfect opportunity to infuse your own personal style into your surroundings without looking like everyone else!

There is so much history behind a vintage or antique piece. 

Why throw it away when you can add to its story?  


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