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Midcentury Modern 1950's Frosted Glasses, Set of 3


Add a pop of color to your midcentury barware with this set of 3 MCM Frosted tall slim collins glasses. These white frosted glasses are decorated with red, yellow, and green illustrations of types of glassware and its corresponding cocktail or drink. Consider it your vintage spirits education!

The Red is labeled Claret, Inhaler, Brandy Pony, Manhattan, and Burgundy.

The Yellow is labeled with Sherry, Whiskey Straight, Pilsner, Champagne, Rhine Wine and Zombie.

The Green is labeled with Liquer, Cocktail, Dutch Cordial, Mint Frappe, Apertif, and Lime Fizz.


Great condition- no chips, cracks or repairs.  Colors are vibrant.  


Glasses measure 6 3/8" in height, 2 1/2" wide, and hold approx. 13 oz.