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Vintage 1960s MCM Ceramic Zebra Horse Bookends


Transport yourself back to the  '60s with these eye-catching bookends that exude the essence of the era. Each bookend features a majestic zebra horse in a dynamic pose, capturing the essence of the wild with its striking black and gold stripes.

Not just a practical accessory for keeping your beloved books organized, these bookends double as captivating pieces of art, adding a touch of midcentury charm to any shelf, desk, or bookcase. Whether adorning the shelves of a cozy reading nook or accenting a stylish office space, these vintage-inspired bookends are sure to spark conversation.

So, add a dash of retro flair to your space with our Vintage 1960s MCM Ceramic Zebra Horse Bookends - because keeping your books in place has never looked so stylish!

Height:  6 inches,   Width 4.5 inches, and  Depth: 2.5 inches.

Contains the original sticker with Lipper and Mann Japan on the green felt bottom.