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Vintage MCM Fenton Thumbprint Amberina Swung Vase


 Add a pop of midcentury charm to your home with this Vintage MCM Fenton Thumbprint Amberina Swung Vase. Featuring a classic amberina color and elegant midcentury design, this vase is the perfect addition to any space. Bring a touch of nostalgia and style to your decor with this unique piece.

Fenton Art Glass Co. is a long-time company that produced the iridescent Carnival Glass starting in 1907 near Williamstown VA. The Amberina Art Glass bud vase shown here is a prime example of this beautiful glass. The gorgeous gradient color, shape (especially the footed bottom texture) and fluted top around the vase makes this vase stand out nicely. Has original Fenton sticker on the vase.